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Abbas Salavaty

Ph.D. Student

HI THERE, I’M Abbas (Adrian)!
I’m a bioinformatician and systems biologist with a focus on cancer research. Here on my blog, I like to share my top tips and stories related to academic student life and career, in-silico biology, recent advancements in the field of bioinformatics and systems biology as well as mine and others comments on academic papers. Please feel free to leave your comments. Enjoy!

HOTAIR-mediated carcinogenesis in different cancers

This is a review article titled “HOTAIR: an oncogenic long non-coding RNA in different cancers” which was published in the journal of Cancer Biology and Medicine in 2015. Fortunately, this is one of the top ten most cited papers on the association of HOTAIR lncRNA and different cancers.

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What is computational (in-silico) biology?

In-silico Biology is a compound name that is apparently composed of two words, In-silico and Biology! In-silico is a term that means “done on a computer”. In-silico biology is mostly used for referring to the computational modeling of biological systems, however, in its simplest and most general form means all biological investigations and analyses that are done via computers. In this post, we will distinguish between in-silico biology, systems biology and bioinformatics.

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