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In this post, I’m going to talk about my interest in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology, which are collectively called In-silico Biology. Interestingly, as Bioinformatics and Systems Biology are of multidisciplinary fields, my enthusiasm about these fields originate from multiple sources.

Biology and Genetics

Let’s firstly talk about my chosen subject in high school, namely Biology. Since I was a child I always wanted to be a doctor (the same cliché being told by most people!). My interest in medical sciences was strengthened when I lost my beloved paternal grandfather due to cancer. Since that time, the thought of curing cancer has always been in my mind. Also, my father always wanted me to become a doctor. Accordingly, I chose the subject of Biology for my high school studies. Through the high school period, my attention attracted to Genetics, not only due to my high school lessons but also due to the interesting news about novel ongoing discoveries in this field. Thus, I opted for the Genetics filed as my Bachelors’ course.

Technology and Computers

Besides, I always loved high-level technologies especially working with computers. As far as I remember, I intended to do my homework via computer since I was very young. Additionally, I used to make multimedia auto-runs regarding various topics when I was a teenager.

Bioinformatics and Systems Biology

Finally, I got familiar with Bioinformatics during my Bachelors. Actually, one of my professors, Dr. Hajjari, encouraged me to enroll in a Bioinformatics workshop at the end of the second semester of my Bachelors, and in this way, I found a field of study and research that is totally fit to all of my interests. Just suppose that all of your interests in different subjects combine in an interdisciplinary field! Wow! Very soon I realized that how Systems Biology is integrated with Bioinformatics and how they would become much more powerful when being utilized together. The other reasons that I found these fields so fascinating are their convenience of use as well as the limitless potential of ideation by applying their techniques.

Since that workshop, I have always tried to learn new Bioinformatics and Systems Biology skills so as to perform more precise and high-level analyses and consequently get more significant results of my research. However, Bioinformatics and Systems Biology is being constantly developed, and, no matter how sophisticated you are, there are always lots of new skills to be learned.